Those who know me know will say I base my work on cooperation with reliable friends.
With pleasure, I can recommend you photographers, hairdressers and models who have not disappointed me so far

Adam Csomor, a London-based boudoir photographer. with a real passion for photography and videography.

“I have 12 years of massage therapy experience along with a keen interest in fitness which allows me to have a better understanding of the human body. My confidence around human bodies radiates out to my clients so they always feel comfortable & confident during the photoshoot.

As a photographer, I am blessed with the gifts to express beauty through my camera lens.

It is my passion to empower all women. No matter what age, size, race, or occupation, they are worthy of admiration. Let me create images for you that remind you that you are worth it, at all times.

Izabela Leśniczek is a hairdresser with over 20 years of experience, a stylist, a trichologist expert on scalp and hair problems.

Manufacturer owner of the Iza & Bella Hair Clinic brand of high-quality hair accessories.

“I work with various companies, as a photographer, an image change stylist, commissioned models for social media, music videos, photo sessions, and magazines.”

Kordian Pach Northamptonshire based photographer and cinematographer, from Monday to Friday focused on digital content creation in a recruitment agency. He specialises in commercial media for advertising purposes.

“In private, I like to create stories, and especially like female portrait photography.

I adore real femininity and I strongly believe that I have something like a sixth sense for discovering beauty.

I know there are no ugly women, only bad photographers.”