What I’m doing – long story short

As a MariSol Stylist and Personal Shopper,  I comprehensively care for the image of my clients, so that they feel special – from beauty analysis, complete wardrobe review, selection of the perfect style, through make-up instruction and professional makeup, to a photo session with the best London photographers.

The first stage is always a conversation, during which I try to get to know you, your lifestyle and needs. We all have to remember that fashion is for us and must serve us, as Rachel Zoe said -‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’.

Clothes define us at some point, so we have to feel good, natural and comfortable. 

Therefore, after such a conversation – usually over delicious coffee – we start by looking through the wardrobe. Nowadays, we tend to buy on impulse, which often ends with cluttered closet and overstuffed drawers, but still have nothing to wear.

Sometimes this is due to the fact that the wardrobe is chosen wrongly and we just don’t feel it, and sometimes you have beautiful clothes that just need to be put together in the right sets and give them a new life. 

Once we know what you got, what is missing and what should leave your wardrobe years ago, we’re getting ready for the second stage which is… shopping! Ta-dah! Who doesn’t like shopping?!

I literally could live in malls, but well… reality is cruel and instead I spend hours in there with you guys and love that! This trip is not chaotic, we know exactly our goals, which stores we want to visit and what exactly we are looking for.

There is just one rule – all new clothes should fit together

and what you’ve got already. Sounds easy, but believe me it’s not… We going to have great time, but in the same time sooooo busy…Let’s get started!Let’s make this mission possible!

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